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Winner of the Song of the Month competition! This is a parody of Tom Petty's "Free Falling" about going to Ann Arbor to do some record shopping... during a UofM football game.


Verse 1
I went to Ann Arbor, To buy me some records
From the record, store on Liberty (St)
And hit the bookstore, they call the Dawn Treader
And get some pizza, at NYPD (New York Pizza Depot)
It was a Saturday, in the middle of September
And the streets were, filled up with cars
I've gotta stretch my, dollars while I'm here
So I'm looking, for a cheap place to park

I want free
Free parking!

Verse 2
I got to Washtenaw (Ave), around 3:15 and
I thought the city, seemed so alive
But the traffic, was slow as molasses
I hit State Street, around 4:45


Verse 3
I had to pull in, to the garage over on Thompson (St)
Because Republic, Parking was full
I lost my ticket, so I had to shell out
Twenty-five dollars, just to pay the damn toll!



released March 1, 2012
Original music written by Tom Petty and Jeff Lynne.
Parody lyrics by Experimental Voice Box Programmer.
Performed, mixed and engineered by Experimental Voice Box Programmer.




Experimental Voice Box Programmer

I am from Ann Arbor, Michigan and I make strange pop songs. Having spent most of my life in bands of various styles I decided a while back that I don't belong to any one genre of music.

I have released one full length album (Lo-Fi Mouth) and two EPs (Throw Down Syndrome and The X of Art) as well as several singles. My new album M.E.O.W. is coming soon! No, really. It's being mastered right now!
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